Shows and Patreon

What a really great weekend.  It started with a girl in the UK starting a social media campaign to get us to come to the UK for a tour, then I spoke with a producer in Nashville that used, " Dolly Parton likes to do it when we work together..." in his sales pitch to me (crazy), to having a pledge of financial support that is going to be coming in through our account convienant link here, which we are launching this Wednesday, to being asked to come to Scotland and play with the promise of room and board, to putting together what looks like it is going to be a monthly acoustic show where I will be playing 5-6 songs with one of the songs being featured that I will tell the story of where the song came from and the writing process and then of course I'll play the song.  There will be wine (obviously), I feel pretty certain beer, and possibly GVA is going to be able to cater. 

While I was at the venue where we are going to have this monthly show, Le Vie Desante winery in Gilroy, CA, Tracey who is now on this mailing list recognized me from a different show and shamed me for not keeping up with updating the shows on the website.  So thanks to Tracey for pushing me into doing that tonight.  We have a few out of the bay area shows pending, but otherwise I believe it is mostly accurate.  

Also very excited to say that Mike Derubio is going to be doing sound for us at the Kelly brewing show coming up on September 7th, and possibly a light rig as well, which we just might make a habit of...


Thanks everyone who is listening, following, sharing, liking, subscribing, and otherwise spreading the word and pushing this along.




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