Introducing "The Hard Souls Band"!!!

I/we could not be happier to introduce everyone to the band.

  • Drums & Vocals - Sam Sotelo
  • Bass and Vocals - Mitch Sandberg
  • Lead Guitar and Vocals - Chris Adgar-Beal

Together we are now officially Austin Freeman & The Hard Souls Band. 

Last Sunday we went to Airship Laboratories planning on doing three songs, live, for a demo.  We ended up doing 4 songs, including one ("You don't owe me a thing") that I had only written 9 or 10 days before and we had only played a handful of times.  We are so pleased with the result that we have posted the songs to the website and cut a video of us playing "Ain't Hard To Choose" in the studio that we put on the YouTube channel (you can follow the link off of any page on the site).  A large part of the day going so extremely well, was due to the level of musicianship The Hard Souls Band has, but also due to the skill and ear of Reto Peter of Teahouse West.  Reto and I first worked together on "Travelin' Man" (which ended up getting a little airplay in Ohio) and the experience was so good, I knew I wanted to work with him again and am very glad that we did.  

We will be updating the website more and more to reflect the whole band and posting out upcoming shows, along with any news. 

Good things to come, I have no doubt!

Hope to see you soon,



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