Hailing out of the "bay area" in northern California, Austin Freeman & The Hard Souls Band have a sound that is infectious, easy to get into, and yet, is a style they can call their own. 

Led by singer/songwriter/producer (and now stage builder!) Austin Freeman, this band of talented musicians has been called more then once "an experience" and engage crowds from basement bars to festivals 

***Now that Covid-19 has things shuttered a bit, the guys have built a stage at their band house called "The Phoenix Stage" and are going to be producing a free online show.  Along with other creators, The Primavera Roadhouse Show is hosted by The Hard Souls, but includes other musicians and creators, both as regulars, but also bringing on special guests.  For more info send an email or check out The Primavera Roadhouse Show

Chris Adgar-Beal on Vocals and Lead Guitar 

Brett Brandstat on Bass (for now, thanks Brett!)

Sam Sotelo on Drums and Vocals 

Together they are Austin Freeman & The Hard Souls Band